StupidFox and Raccoon Hat!

Fan of StupidFox (and who isn't)? Check out this sweet Fox and Raccoon Scats (Scarf - Hats)! Perfect for cold weather, and to sport your fox love. Stay Foxxy this winter!

This hat is available in both pattern form ($5) or physical form ($55 + shipping).

Make it for your friends, family, or buy it for yourself!!

So check out the fox pattern HERE and the fox hat itself HERE!!

Here's the brand new Raccoon style Scarf - Hat (Scat) too

Pattern available HERE, the hat itself HERE.

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to keep updated via email and Facebook for the Raccoon Scat coming soon!


  1. that hat is so cute! i love your blog.
    please follow mine at hellohydrangea.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks! I love your blog too! We should do a blog swap or something some time!

  3. hey my friend is wanting to crochet this hat idea but instead of a fox a ferret and instead of the scarf starting at the top and the base of the neck of the hat do you care that he experiments with this?not for profit just from request

  4. Of course that's fine!! As long as I can get a few photos afterwards!

  5. Thanks for asking by the way. :)


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