Crocheted Infinity Scarf

In three weeks my girlfriend and I will be moving up to San Francisco, where I hear it gets a bit cold. I had some extra yarn and decided I'd make her a warm gift. It's super easy to make so I decided to share with you guys the pattern of how to make a nice simple button infinity scarf.
By the way, this is my cousin, whom you may recognize


-Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn
-Crochet Hook-Size N13 10.00mm
-Needle to sew in ends with

-DC = Double Crochet
-Ch = Chain
-Rnd = Round

Ch 102 (or to desired length)
Rnd 1: Skip first two ch's, dc 100, turn (100)
Rnd 2: ch 2, skip ch's, in back stitches only dc 100, turn (100)
Rnd 3: Repeat
Rnd 4: Repeat
Rnd 5: Repeat
Cut and tie off, sew in ends. Sew on two (or more) 1 1/4" buttons to one side of the scarf. The buttons should fit perfectly between the dc bars while still holding in securely.

That's it!! See how easy that is? Took me about an hour to finish and about one whole ball of the yarn.

Check back soon because I may begin selling these depending on how much people like it! Let me know!!

It's not too late by the way! Comment on this post, or crochet one of these and take a photo to receive extra entries in the Awesome June Giveaway! For other ways to enter click here!!


  1. This is cool. I love the option to have it infinity or open. Also love that it takes one skein! :) Thanks for making it a free pattern!

  2. Love this pattern. It is great how you can leave it open or closed in a circle.

  3. Wow, this looks easy and adorable!!!

  4. Hi found you threw dailycraft on facebook. I am a scarf addict and cant wait to make this one

  5. I'm thinking I just found my teacher gift for Christmas! This will be fast, cozy and use up a bunch of yarn I got on sale yesterday!!! Thanks!!!!

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. My boys would totally love the Iron Man gloves and the Batman hat/glove set. I'm also thinking this scarf would make great teacher gifts! Love the blog :)

  7. Thanks for the free pattern! Can you tell me how long your scarf came out to be? Thanks again!

  8. I hadn't crocheted in a while, and this was so easy to pick up! I just finished my first one and can't wait to start another. Thank you for sharing!


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