Only a few more days for the June Giveaway!

Hey guys! So this Saturday will be the end of the June Giveaway! You know, the one where you can win $50 to my Etsy by just commenting on posts like this one, liking me on Facebook or follow this blog?

Other then that though, I have a question for you guys. The Amazing Spiderman is coming out next week, and I wanna make something to commemorate that. Here's one more way for you guys to enter to win, my question is what would you guys most like to see? My ideas so far are maybe a Spiderman themed beanie, a Spiderman sackboy, maybe a pin with the Spiderman logo? What do you guys think? Leave a comment below on this post to get an extra entry in the Awesome June Giveaway!


  1. I like the Spiderman Sackboy idea. You could do fingerless gloves with the red with black web "print". Retro 80's headband/sweatband in the red with the black web and a spider in the middle. :P All I've got for now!

  2. I think a Spiderman beanie would ROCK!!! ...especially if you did it in the black/gray colors with the spider on it! oooo!
    Thanks for the giveaway too!
    14earth at gmail dot com

  3. what about a lightweight web-print scarf for spring/autumn?

    -Lyra Dent


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