Fun With Stitches: Shell Stitch

I'll be honest, I'm guilty of over-using the single crochet. So when my Aunt requested a new blanket for her cat, I decided that now's the time to stretch my wings and try something new.

This is the first of hopefully many "Fun with stitches" blog posts where I try out a new stitch and try and teach how it's done.

This is the Shell pattern and it's really simple actually. All you really need to know is the Treble and Double Crochet stitches.

Close up of the stitch
So here's how it's done:

Chain a multiple of 8 (For the blanket I made 104 chs)
Rnd 1: Skip 3 chs, tr 5 in next ch, skip 3, dc 1 in next, skip 3, tr 5... Repeat this pattern to the end, turn. (You should end on a dc)
Rnd 2: Ch 3, tr 3 in the dc of last Rnd, skip 3, dc 1 in the next st (third tr), skip 3, tr 5 in the next st (dc of last Rnd), skip 3, dc 1 in next st (third tr)... continue this pattern to end, turn.
Rnd 3 - end: Repeat Rnd 2 until end!

For my blanket I just changed colors between each Rnd. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn and a size N-13/9.00mm crochet hook.

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