Party Poppers

Happy July 4th everyone (mostly those in America I guess haha). I had planned on putting out two new free patterns for today, but seeing as Bastille Day is right around the corner I felt I should save one for mon amis en France as well!

But have no fear, if you truly want both patterns now, or you just want to help me out and donate for more free patterns in the future ;) then feel free to buy both of these patterns on my Etsy HERE! They'll be sent to you in a shiny PDF pattern in a matter of just a few hours! AND (yes there is an and) you'll get a coupon for 25% off your next Louie's Loops pattern!

Again though, the rocket pattern will be here on the 14th so if you want to wait, and don't want to donate :( (haha) then feel free to wait! If not here's where you can get it now.

So here's the pattern for today, party poppers! Great for birthdays, new years, or the 4th of July!!

Pattern available after the jump!!


Lion Brand Cotton/Lily Sugar'n Cream
/Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
(basically any 100% cotton works)
-Crochet Hook-Size G6 4.00mm
-Needle to sew in ends with

-sc = Single Crochet
-dec = Decrease
-Ch = Chain
-Rnd = Round

In color Ch 2
Rnd 1: sc 5 in 2nd ch from hook (5)
Rnd 2: in back stitches only, sc 1 in each (5)
Rnd 3: sc 1 in each (5)
Rnd 4: repeat
Rnd 5: in front stitches only, sc 2 in each (10)
Rnd 6: sc 1 in first, 2 in next, repeat 5 times (15)
Rnd 7: in back stitches only, sc 1 in each (15)
Pull a long end of the white yarn in from the top through the hole in the beginning, Change to white
Rnd 8 - 10: sc 1 in each (15)
Change to color
Rnd 11: sc 1 in each (15)

To make a top
In white Ch 2
Rnd 12: sc 5 in 2nd ch from hook (5)
Rnd 13: sc 2 in each (10)
Stuff the popper and sew onto top.

Take yellow or gold yarn and tie around the handle section of Rnd 2 - 4 and wrap around the white string to make the gold band.

Don't forget, you can definitely donate by buying this and the pattern for the rocket (coming free on July 14th) in an awesomely made PDF format --> HERE on my Etsy store <-- AND get a coupon for 25% off your next pattern!


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