How to Crochet a Shield

So if you didn't know I've been making these little miniature guys and doing videos of me making them, well someone requested that I do Link from The Legend of Zelda, which of course, I love. So I did, and for it I had to make a Hyrule shield. I figured why not give the pattern for that shield out, so here it is, with a video and everything:

-Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Yarn
-Crochet Hook-Size G 4.50mm
-Needle to sew in ends with

-Sc : Single Crochet   
-Inc: Increase (sc 2 in st)
-St : Stitch or stitches

Ch 2 or use adjustable ring (Don't Turn)
Rnd 1: sc 6 in 2nd ch from the hook (6)

Rnd 2: sc 2 in each st (12)

Rnd 3: m.p (ch 2, sl.st in first ch), sc in next st, sc, m.p, and inc in next st, sc in next st, m.p, sc in next 4 sts, sc, m.p, and inc in next st, sc in next 3 sts, sl.st, cut and pull through. 

Sew around m.p made at the beginning. Sew ends in.

For Hyrule Shield: Sew on a triangle in yellow, the bird like symbol in red, and two grey lines to the right and left of the triangle in silver.

You can get the full pattern for Link here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182124177/pdf-pattern-for-crocheted-nintendos

And subscribe or check back on Wednesday for the Watch me Crochet video for Link.

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