StupidFox and Raccoon Hat!

Fan of StupidFox (and who isn't)? Check out this sweet Fox and Raccoon Scats (Scarf - Hats)! Perfect for cold weather, and to sport your fox love. Stay Foxxy this winter!

This hat is available in both pattern form ($5) or physical form ($55 + shipping).

Make it for your friends, family, or buy it for yourself!!

So check out the fox pattern HERE and the fox hat itself HERE!!

Here's the brand new Raccoon style Scarf - Hat (Scat) too

Pattern available HERE, the hat itself HERE.

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to keep updated via email and Facebook for the Raccoon Scat coming soon!

The Yays Have It

So yesterday, due to popular demand, I posted the pattern for the fox hat on Etsy!! Wo Wo Wo!!

For only $5 you can look foxy, stay warm and comfortable with this crocheted scat (scarf-hat). Make it for your friends, daughters, granddaughters or for yourself! Learn techniques to make ears, a fox tail, and a classic ribbed brim. This hat will definitely be an eye catcher, and conversation starter anywhere you go. It is designed to function as both a scarf and a hat/beanie at the same time!

You can buy the pattern here, and the hat itself here!!

Check them out! And follow me on Facebook, Twitter or via Email to get the latest news on the new hats coming soon, including, a new animal themed scat!!

Christmas Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! So check this out, a friend, Alex, who runs peppermintplum.com asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway on her blog! Of course, I happily agreed. The giveaway is for one of the WWII Rosie the Riveter Headbands I make, and you can win one!

All you have to do is check out the post here, become a member of Peppermint Plum (you must be a member to enter the giveaway), and leave a comment on the post telling us which color you would love to have!

The winner will be announced Tuesday, December 20th

But have no worries, if you don't win you can buy the headband here for only 13$, or, buy the pattern here for only 3$!!

So check it out! Good luck!!!

Feeling Fuzzy

Hey guys, there are a couple new items in the Etsy store today!

First there are the new super fuzzy hats! They are made with two different types of yarn making them the softest, fuzziest and warmest hats yet! I'm planning on expanding the items using this method, but just in time for the Holidays, check out the Grinch and Abominable Snow Man (Yeti) Hats!

Next are the super cute Classic Christmas Hat with holly. It comes in either red with white trim, or white with red!

Check in soon to get the free pattern for the holly!

Introducing the Scat!

There are many different meanings for scat. It can mean a sweat jazzy type of singing, it can be a word for poop, and now, its a mix between a scarf and a hat! Introducing.... drum roll please....

The Scat!

Comes in 3 different types at the moment, Fox, Classic, and Santa (with attachable elf ears)

Click on the images to view more!

These Scats are built for warmth, comfort and individuality! They're built to be both a hat/beanie and a scarf!

New designs coming very soon, so check back!!
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