Only a few more days for the June Giveaway!

Hey guys! So this Saturday will be the end of the June Giveaway! You know, the one where you can win $50 to my Etsy by just commenting on posts like this one, liking me on Facebook or follow this blog?

Other then that though, I have a question for you guys. The Amazing Spiderman is coming out next week, and I wanna make something to commemorate that. Here's one more way for you guys to enter to win, my question is what would you guys most like to see? My ideas so far are maybe a Spiderman themed beanie, a Spiderman sackboy, maybe a pin with the Spiderman logo? What do you guys think? Leave a comment below on this post to get an extra entry in the Awesome June Giveaway!

Crocheted Infinity Scarf

In three weeks my girlfriend and I will be moving up to San Francisco, where I hear it gets a bit cold. I had some extra yarn and decided I'd make her a warm gift. It's super easy to make so I decided to share with you guys the pattern of how to make a nice simple button infinity scarf.
By the way, this is my cousin, whom you may recognize


-Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn
-Crochet Hook-Size N13 10.00mm
-Needle to sew in ends with

-DC = Double Crochet
-Ch = Chain
-Rnd = Round

Ch 102 (or to desired length)
Rnd 1: Skip first two ch's, dc 100, turn (100)
Rnd 2: ch 2, skip ch's, in back stitches only dc 100, turn (100)
Rnd 3: Repeat
Rnd 4: Repeat
Rnd 5: Repeat
Cut and tie off, sew in ends. Sew on two (or more) 1 1/4" buttons to one side of the scarf. The buttons should fit perfectly between the dc bars while still holding in securely.

That's it!! See how easy that is? Took me about an hour to finish and about one whole ball of the yarn.

Check back soon because I may begin selling these depending on how much people like it! Let me know!!

It's not too late by the way! Comment on this post, or crochet one of these and take a photo to receive extra entries in the Awesome June Giveaway! For other ways to enter click here!!

My Top 5 Favorite Yarns

Today I'd like to share with you my top 5 favorite yarns, why I like them, and what I like to use them for. All these yarns are available at Joanns or online! Here they are starting with number one!

1. Lily Sugar'n Cream
This is by far my favorite yarn and I use it for the majority of my projects. It's 100% cotton, which is perfect for things like amigurumi because it can be easily morphed and reshaped. The yarn is also a great size for amigurumi, small but still just big enough to work with without it being a hassle. I like to use this yarn for kid hats too because of how soft it is and how many different colors they have. There are other cotton yarns like Lion Brand, but I personally find Lily Sugar'n Cream to be my favorite because its softer, cheaper, and the yarn balls are a perfect size.

2. Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
This yarn is awesome for one main reason, color. Vanna's Choice comes in so many different colors, many of which can't be found in many other types of yarn. It's 100% Acrylic, but is much different than any of the other acrylic yarns out there. Where other acrylics look cheep, this yarn is more like wool. It's soft, warm and looks much less cheep looking and a lot nicer to the touch then the Red Heart brand's out there. The yarn is a great size for hats and is super warm which makes it perfect for the Scat's.

4. Jo-Ann Sensations Beautiful Yarn
The softest yarn you will ever feel. That is the main reason I love this yarn. It's small, but so fuzzy. Because it is so small, it is tough to use by itself, that's why I like to either mix it with Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn or make a replica of the body of a hat and use it as the inner linning for them. It only comes in eleven colors, which is just another reason for why you should mix it. Seriously though, this is the softest yarn I have ever felt.

3. Lion Brand Yarn Cotton-Ease
I'm not going to lie, Lion Brand makes some good yarns, and this is no exception. The best part of this yarn is how smooth it is. Because of that smooth quality, it is perfect for beanies and hats that are close to the head. What makes it even more suitable is the pull back that this yarn has. It's half cotton, which gives it the softness, and half acrylic which gives it strength and pull back. It's also got a decent amount of colors, both primary and the more vivid.

So this ones a new one to my favorites list, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. This yarn is like a close cousin of the Jo-Ann Sensations Beautiful Yarn. It's very similar in softness, but has the aditionall strands of random yarns and fuzz to give it some extra thickness as well as a more spastic color, making it perfect for animal hair and fur. It's extra thickness makes it so you don't need to mix it with any other yarns to make hats, but it has the tendency to stretch without the pulling back that Lion Brand Yarn Cotton-Ease will give you.

So what are your favorite yarns and why? Comment on this post and get an extra entry into this months Awesome June Giveaway!!!

The Search is Over

People joked, called it a conspiracy, well I'm here to tell you it's real. 
Yes, the great elusive Sasquatch has been found!

Okay, maybe not that, but still good news! A new item in the shop today!!


Originally I was going for Chewbacca, but he's got a certain persona that's hard to grasp.

These hats were made using my Aviator Earflap hat pattern, which is also available for purchase in the Etsy shop as well as Ravelry and Craftsy.

Aviator Earflap Hat Pattern!!

So I've got something a little bit different for you guys today. I came out with a new pattern for purchase in the Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy stores: the Aviator Earflap Hat. You can get the pattern HERE for just 3.50$.

 But that's not all! I also am giving away the free instructions on how to add your own tassels to any hats you want! The instructions are also available in the purchased pattern as well as a lot more.

New Fox Scat Color

Check out the new blood orange color added to the Fox Scarf - Hat (Scat) today! Here are some photo's of it compared to the autumn orange. You can buy these hats or the pattern for them by clicking HERE or on any of the photo's below.

Don't forget to comment on this post to enter to win $50 to my Etsy! Check out the rules and stuff here (Ends June 30th). Check back later this week for a new pattern and a new hat!!

Flower Power

So it's summer, and here's an awesome new free pattern for you guys! You may have seen these flowers on some of the girl hats I make in my shop. Check the hat's out HERE.

The great thing about these flowers is that they fit perfectly to a 7/8" (20mm) button, so all you have to do is sew a button on something and you can change the flowers whenever you want!

Also, don't forget, there is a giveaway going on right now! You could win $50 to my Etsy shop!! If you finish one of these flowers and send me a photo you can get extra entries in!! Also you get an entry for simply commenting on this post! To see a complete list of rules and how to enter, click HERE.

So here are a few photos of the finished product:


Awesome June Giveaway!!

Hey guys, I've got a really big giveaway for you guys today! The biggest giveaway I've ever offered actually, and there are a bunch of ways to win!

So basically, throughout all of June, I'm going to be posting some new stuff, mostly patterns, but also just blog posts. So I figured why not try to launch off summer with a cool giveaway?

Lets start with what you can win: I'm giving away a $50 (US) gift card to my shop on Etsy to buy what ever you want! It can be a couple hats, patterns, bow ties, even custom orders, what ever you want! Winner will be selected at random. Now, here are a few ways for you to enter the drawing to win!

       - One (1) entry by simply "Liking" the Louie's Loops page on Facebook (Those who are liked
         already are in the running)

       - One (1) entry by commenting on any of the blog posts from this month (June) per blog post.
         Only one entry per blog post (including this one!), not per comment

       - One (1) entry by following this blog (Left side) (Those who are following already are in the

       - Three (3) entries by purchasing any of the patterns or items up for sale on either Etsy, Ravelry
         or Craftsy

       - Three (3) entries by taking a photo of something you've made using one of my patterns and
         sending it to louies.loops@gmail.com

This means you can enter to win more than 9 times to win a $50 gift card to my Etsy shop! Check back often for more chances to enter as well as new patterns and posts! The giveaway ends on June 30th so get your entries in before then!

Here's a glimpse at just some of the things you can get with a $50 gift card to my Etsy shop:

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