La Chaise Bleu and her Giveaway!

Hey guys, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Denielle. She runs the shop La Chaise Bleu where she makes and sells jewelry, very unique too I might add. She's also doing a giveaway! Rules and whatnot are at the end of the post! Here are some of my favorite things from her shop...

Very different and cool African Beetle Ring

She also sells some really cool vintage stuff like this Antique Wood Textile Stamp...

Now comes the best part!! She's doing a giveaway! And here's what you can win...

These are my favorite things she's posted so far, simple and awesome. These earrings are made from glass and are brand new to her shop! Best yet, they're only $15, and there's free shipping on everything in her store! So here are the rules for the giveaway:

You can enter twice by Liking "La Chaise Bleu" on Facebook, or by sharing the post regarding this post on either my Facebook Page or hers, or by doing both!

Winner will be chosen at random and receive one (1) pair of glass earrings by La Chaise Bleu of their choice. You'll be Facebook messaged directly by Denielle herself for the info regarding the shipping information.

Crocheting to Your Heart's Content

Having trouble thinking of what to get a loved one? I made this for my girlfriend for Valentines day this year. I figured, if I was going to give her anything, why not give her my heart! :)


She liked it. :) Here's a few more photo's of my most vital organ haha.

and of course my heart would be made out of yarn. :)

Because this was a special gift for her, I don't plan on coming out with a pattern. Besides, I was only born with one! So this was my idea for her gift, what do you guys think? Mother's day is coming up soon, and I'm always looking for some good ideas! Anybody have any?

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