Avengers Assemble!!

So last weekend The Avengers hit theaters and it was awesome!! I'm used to be really big into comics when I was younger, my favorite of which were the Fantastic Four. I thought Mr. Fantastic was just the coolest super hero and his brains mixed with his abilities made him the most awesome of superheros. But alas, the movies sucked haha.

Anyhow, I saw The Avengers last weekend and it was just so good. Later, while browsing through Etsy I stumbled upon a shop called Nerdifacts. They make the coolest fingerless gloves to mimic super hero gauntlets. I thought they were pretty cool, so I made my own version of one of her pairs, Iron Mans. Not only did I make a pair for my cousin, but I decided to share the pattern for all of you guys! This way you can make yourself a pair to prepare for your next viewing of The Avengers! Download at bottom of the page or here.

Here are some photos of the final product...

This was my best "kick bad guy ass" pose, haha.

Again, the credit for the idea of these Iron Man Gauntlets goes to Nerdifacts, check out their shop here. You can see a bunch of different ideas for different versions of the fingerless gloves there too.


So here's the pattern for download, and don't forget, this pattern may be for Iron Man Gloves, but it includes instructions for making my version of Fingerless Mittens as-well.

Download the pattern HERE <---

Don't forget to add this pattern to your favorites on Ravelry and Craftsy, pin-it and share it on Facebook too!!
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