Crocheting to Your Heart's Content

Having trouble thinking of what to get a loved one? I made this for my girlfriend for Valentines day this year. I figured, if I was going to give her anything, why not give her my heart! :)


She liked it. :) Here's a few more photo's of my most vital organ haha.

and of course my heart would be made out of yarn. :)

Because this was a special gift for her, I don't plan on coming out with a pattern. Besides, I was only born with one! So this was my idea for her gift, what do you guys think? Mother's day is coming up soon, and I'm always looking for some good ideas! Anybody have any?


  1. This is really cute! I would love to see a pattern, or at least some tips on how to put the 3 blood vessels on top. I've got the basics of amigurumi down, so I think I could make most of the heart, but the top stumps me. Thanks for any advice!

  2. Basically what I did was I made one big tube with two openings where I crocheted on the valve things, then i just sewed it on. haha, it's hard to explain. I did the same thing for the Y looking valve thing on the back. Did that help at all?


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