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This month I'm dedicating entirely to the Mushroom kingdom! Why? Because why not!?You can learn how to make all the different miniature Mario villians and items with my new Crocheted Mini Mario Villains pattern bundle in my shop here:
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And check out the free video pattern for a mini ? Block below!!

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-Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (Yellow and White) 
-7  Mesh Plastic Canvas
-Sharp Needle to sew in ends
-Small amount of stuffing

Part 1:

Time stamps in red are for video 1

Cut out 6 squares 5x5 out of the mesh plastic. (1:30 - 3:30 )
Cut the edges to make them smooth.

Using two strands of yellow yarn and a sharp needle sew the color fully onto the mesh plastic from corner to corner. (3:30 - 7:30 )

When it’s fully covered tie it together in the back and cut loose

Repeat this process for all 6 squares

For 4 out of the 6 squares:
Using a strand of
white yarn sew on a ? on the face (1:30 - 12:00 )

Part 2:

(view diagrams above for extra help)

Using 2 long strands of yellow yarn and a sharp, long needle, begin sewing together 2 squares, 1 “?” and one blank. This “?” will act as our front and the blank will act as our top. (1 above)

Work down and connect another “?” which will act as our right side (2)

Work back across connecting another “blank” side, acting as our bottom (3)

Work back up, towards where we started connecting yet another “?” side, this will act as our left side (4)

Work towards the back connecting our left and top panels (5)

Work across to the right side connecting our final “?” panel, this will act as our back side (6)

Going back down, connect our back and right panels (7)

Across to the left, connect the bottom and back panels (8)

Working back up, connect the left and back panels together (9)

Pull the yarn and needle through and across, back to the beginning of where 9 started, be sure to work on the inside of the cube. Working back towards the front, sew together the bottom and left side of the piece (10)

Pull the yarn across to the right side and work together the right side and bottom panels, working towards the back panel (11)

Stuff slightly here by pinching the piece together (opening a side) and stuffing with a pencil.

Finally pull the yarn towards the top, through the cube itself (not the outside) and sew together the top and right panels (12)

Cut and hide both ends into the piece.

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